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the island has played a number of roles in a fascinating history stretching hundreds of years.

We've rounded up some of the most interesting facts you may not have known about this tiny Hawaiian island.

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There can be no doubt that growing up in this idyllic, multicultural setting was a major influence in shaping who Obama is today.

Here are some great vacation destinations, a resort on each of Hawaii's five major islands: Oahu Oahu has been a gathering place since the days when Polynesian chiefs made it their home.

You can do Waikiki (kids) and then depart for a quieter outer island.

The Hawaiian Islands are a chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the Pacific plate (Figure 1).

The conventional explanation is they formed as a result of volcanic activity as the plate passed over a “hot spot” in the mantle at a rate of inches per year (Figure 2).

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