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Of course, anyone who knows anything is aware that, once upon a time, Madge and Sandy were thick as thieves.

“Of course, my ego was involved: ‘Oh, she don’t want me no more!

At Madonna’s 1991 New Year’s Eve party, the lesbian comedian Sandra Bernhard brings her then girlfriend, Ingrid Casares, with her.

Ingrid is a great networker and collector of gossip and is happy to pass information on to Madonna.

She was “the world’s first Latina supermodel” — but she was keeping a secret.

The rebel heart has a long history of ditching her pals. They could frequently be seen gossiping over lunch, working out together, or attending fashion shows, where they snickered at the models from the front row. When Gwyneth refused, Madonna terminated their friendship contract.

Scroll down for some of Madonna’s most high profile BFF breakups… In 2011, Paltrow alluded to the feud on her blog when she wrote about an “insufferable” friend who left her feeling “drained, empty and belittled.” The moral of the story: Nobody belittles Gwyneth Paltrow. Niki Haris Niki Haris sang backup for Madge from 1987 to 2001, appearing in the Who’s That Girl Tour in 1987, Blond Ambition Tour in 1990, The Girlie Show Tour in 1993, and The Drowned World Tour in 2001, as well as in the documentary , and music videos “Vogue” and “Music.” Then in 2004, she was inexplicably replaced in Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour.

“But, you know, certain people can’t handle those kinds of friendships.” Of course, Sandra Bernhard isn’t the only close confidant Madonna has dropped for seemingly no apparent reason. Rumor has it the falling out occurred when Madonna fired their shared personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, then told Gwyneth she should, too.“We realized we had a lot in common and liked to go running, and that’s where we kind of bonded.” Queer-gossip legend has it that Madonna stole Casares from Bernhard, and that Bernhard felt betrayed.Whatever happened, Casares and Madonna remain estranged from Bernhard. Finally, she arrives at this: “I’ve always had a theory that you meet people to meet other people. It’s very obvious.”Before falling out with Sandra, Madonna and the out comic performed together and were rumored to be lovers themselves. We were pulling everybody’s chains, creating a media frenzy.Out club owner Ingrid Casares is one of Madonna’s close friends. Bernhard took Casares to Madonna’s birthday party, where Madonna was “very nice to me.She was polite and interested in what I had to say.”“When I shot the Sex book with her,” says Casares.

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