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Vehicle registration plates must be affixed to the front and back of your vehicle and clearly visible at all times.In situations where you are towing a trailer, caravan, etc., a duplicate of the registration plate must be affixed to the back of the trailer, caravan, etc.This law outlines the format, dimensions and technical specifications that must be displayed on registered vehicles in Ireland.The main requirements of the rules about the format of vehicle registration plates are: Since January 2013 each year has two registration periods.If you have any outstanding fines, you won’t be able to renew your registration online.If you choose to pay your fines online first, you must wait a couple days for the payment to process before you can renew online.Ordered on a bank holiday and received the best service you could ask for I ordered my plate in the early hours of a bank holiday weekend.Normally with most companies this would cause a huge delay in the process.

Registration numbers are automatically assigned in sequence at the time when you register your vehicle.

Given it was Good Friday and Easter Monday, I did not expect to have a transferred plate within 2 weeks....

OUTSTANDING SERVICE Brilliant service from the first click!

The sequence takes the form of a separate 3-digit year identifier for the first and second 6-month periods of the year, for example, 151 and 152 respectively.

You can view images of acceptable vehicle registration plates here.

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